Dropcam Pro

You can:Dropcam Pro

  • Scare your wife
  • Watch your house while you’re not home
  • Record a tragedy like a fire or a robbery
  • Monitor a baby
  • Scare your wife

The next addition to my Future Home: Dropcam Pro ($250) is a user-friendly wi-fi security camera that allows you to record video into the cloud and stream it on virtually any device; most common would be a phone or a tablet.

The Awesome Features:

  • It records a really high quality HD video and has a really consistent stream.
  • You can set triggers to record movement and notify you when something is amiss, like when the camera goes out or if something is moving in your kitchen while you are at work.
  • Microphone for 2-way communication
  • Zoom-in functions up to 8x
  • Super simple setup, I think my mom could even do it

All it’s practical uses and I’m most excited to scare my wife while she’s alone at home.  dropcam


I opened the box and it had pretty simple instructions.  You plug in your to your USB drive on your computer, then it prompts you to create an account to join the “Nest Community”.  The Dropcam connects to your home network wi-fi on it’s own.  Once it’s finished, you unplug it and switch the USB to an adapter that plugs into the wall.  That’s it.  Once int’s plugged into the wall, it loads up and starts uploading a video stream to the cloud.

To View the Feed:

You just need to download the dropcam app and log in with the account that you created.  Your feed should show up immediately and you can start customizing your camera’s name and settings.

I don’t have a baby yet, so I don’t really have a pressing purpose for it, but I will keep one in my kitchen in case I ever get robbed.  Other than that, I haven’t found another great use for the dropcam.

The Future:

I don’t know all the possibilities, but I do know that the Dropcam Pro can connect to other devices. So for example, maybe you can connect it to your Amazon Echo, so that it’s voice-controlled.  Or if you own a Nest (wi-fi enabled learning thermostat), you can create a connection between the two devices.  If the temperature reaches a certain level or if the carbon monoxide levels in your house are too high, you can set a trigger to start recording.  Maybe you will catch a squirrel starting a fire in your kitchen or something.  You never know.  Pretty cool IMO.