Amazon Echo Adds Audible

Adding on more applications!  I received the update below about adding Audible to the Amazon Echo.

I took it for a spin today and started listening to George R. R. Martin’s Game of Thrones (A Song of Fire and Ice – He might have changed the name of the book to match the show because I could only find it under Game of Thrones).  I gotta say, it was cool.  I let ‘er rip while I was building some IKEA furniture and it was really easy to pause and resume without disrupting my focus.

It was a teeny bit buggy a few times by skipping for a second, but it was really only for a second.  Also, I didn’t really like the Audible App because you can’t purchase books from inside the app, but I’ll save that gripe for another time.  All in all, it was pretty cool and I’m excited to see the new features added on to the Echo.

I find myself wanting to use my Echo all around the house.  I think that if Amazon created Echo “children”, it would be a great add on.  Basically, I mean I have my Echo, which could be the main hub, but I want to be able to drop a mini version in each room that connects with the main hub.  I will elaborate on this idea more in another post.


Amazon Echo

Now you can listen to audiobooks from Audible with Echo. Audiobooks offer a great way to enjoy your favorite books while relaxing, cooking, or spending time together with family.

Listening to audiobooks from your Audible library is easy. Here’s how:

  • Start any book you own with “Alexa, read [Audible book title]”
  • Resume the current book you’re reading by saying “Alexa, read my book.”
  • Control playback with “Alexa, go back/forward.”

Echo also supports Whispersync for Voice, which allows you to seamlessly switch between reading and listening with your eligible Kindle books. You can read on your Kindle, tablet, or smartphone and then continue listening on your Echo, right where you left off.

New to Audible? We’ve made it easy to get started with complimentary extended samples from popular titles and a free trial. Learn more.

Also, thanks to everyone who shared their experiences about our Google Calendar launch last week. @lbrunovo—we’re glad Echo helped remind you about Game 7, sorry the game didn’t end as you may have hoped.

As always, the Amazon Echo team looks forward to your feedback via the Amazon Echo App and on social media (#AmazonEcho). You can also follow @AmazonEcho on Twitter to stay up-to-date on the latest news and updates for Echo.


Amazon Echo